Agricultural Product

Agricultural Product [photo]

Western mushrooms in Boryeong and other mushrooms that are raised with the wind from underground closed mine are not durable and the taste is excellent. Grape that grows along No. 21 national road from Nampo to Ungcheon has superior sweet taste and best nutrition. Especially, Sahyung grape from Nampo area is famous for its high sweetness taste. Masan area produces various edible greens such as seasoned aster. Especially, seasoned aster from Misan is fragrant a lot and tastes good so that many people want to have it. Lots of Painted maple are growing in the dense forest of Seongjusan Mountain. The sap of Painted maple is especially good for people who have stomach problems and it is known to be useful for neuralgia and improving physical constitution.

Besides, sisul vegetable from Cheongra, strawberry from Sungdong-ri in Jusan, chestnut tree in Chungso, sun-dried salt in Jupo, etc. are the excellent indigenous products in Boryeong area.