Sapsido Island



  • 1330 Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330
  • Tourism and Transportation Department in Boryeong City HallPerson in charge of Tourism Promotion : +82-41-930-3541~2

The name of Sapsido(Sapsi Island) has been named due to its arrow-shaped feature. There is a good quality sand beach gently in this place. The visitors of this island are increased year by year, because it is very quiet and has clean water.

There are various rocks following the beach just like a screen, which makes terrific scenery. You can enjoy sea fishing.

Mulmangteo: located at the western Sapsido

When the sea runs deep into the land and the earth is submerged, and when the sea goes down and the earth appears. Tradition says that if a person takes a bath here on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, his or her illness will be gone.

Tour Info

Sapsido Dulle-gil Trail(5Km)

This is an optimal trail for trekking that goes around three treasures of Sapsido Island—“Myeonsapji,” which is an isolated and deserted island during the rising tide but is connected through a narrow sandy bank with Sapsido Island twice a day during the ebb tide, “Mulmangteo,” which is submerged under seawater during the rising tide and provides cold mineral water during the ebb tide, and “Hwanggeumgomsol,” a pine tree forest of trees that do not bear any pine cones.
▶ Dock → Myeonsapji → Pine Forest Trail(Sonamu gil) → Hwanggeumgomsol → Bamseom Beach

  • Dock
  • Myeonsapji
  • Pine Forest Trail
  • Hwanggeumgomsol
  • Bamseom Beach


  • Take a bus or taxi at Daecheon Station / Boryeong Bus Terminal and exit at Daecheon Port. (Bus: 40-minute ride, taxi: 20-minute ride)
  • Board the ferry at Daecheon Port and debark at Sapsido Island (Daecheon Port: +82-41-934-8773, 5963)
    ※ The ferry (between Daecheon Port and Sapsido Island) is operated three times a day.

Passenger ship regular sailing schedule

Daecheon Port ↔ Sapsido Island
the ferry Time table
- Departure from Daecheon Port Departure from Sapsido Island
October thru March 07:30, 12:20
15:30(Operated on October & March)
15:00(Operated on November thru February)
08:15, 13:05
17:00(Operated on October & March)
16:30(Operated on November thru February)
April thru September 07:30, 13:00, 16:00 08:30, 14:05, 17:05


Name,Telephone No
Name Telephone No. Name Telephone No.
Dongbaek Minbak +82-41-932-3738 Choi Jeongwoo +82-41-934-1693
Song Seonghoon +82-41-933-8353 Lee Sangwoo +82-41-932-3796
Kim Ilyong +82-41-932-3643 Moon Donghun +82-41-932-1086
Kim Heongbae +82-41-936-4389 Pyeon Seongtae +82-41-932-1069
Bang Yongye +82-41-932-0724 Kim Taeseok +82-41-932-0896
Kim Yeonbae +82-41-932-7865 Park Duoon +82-41-934-1547
Park Donghee +82-41-932-0970 Kim Hongje +82-41-932-6925
Cheon Yeonhee +82-41-934-0908 Kim Kiok +82-41-932-0749
Kim Seuntae +82-41-932-0955 Cho Hwaja +82-41-932-0759
Hong Jongho +82-41-932-0971 Park Yehwan +82-41-934-3640
Sora Minbak +82-41-936-3177 - -

Information for fishing

Name of ferry,Telephone No.,Number,Fee,Name of ship owner
Name of ferry Telephone No. Number Fee Name of ship owner
The Deokseong +82-41-936-1133 12 people 300,000won Lee Sangeun
The Eochon +82-41-932-1069 11 people 300,000won Kim Seongtae
The Taekwang +82-41-932-3778 14 people 300,000won Kim Hongje