Seongjusan Mountain



  • 1330 Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330
  • Superintendent's office of Resort facilities at Seongjusan Mountain : +82-41-930-3529

Entrance fee

  • individual 1,000 won / teenagers 800 won / child 400 won
  • Parking fee : small size 2,000 won / big size 4,000 won

In Boryeong, there is a place reminding the sentence, "When I got out of the tunnel, there was a snow world", which is the first sentence of Kawabada Yasnari's novel. That is "Seongju" tunnel. Passing through the Seongju tunnel, which connects downtown and Seongju-Myeon, gives us novel feeling as if we step in totally different world. All of a sudden, the ocean disappears from my sight, and the landscape changes to mountains on all sides. Resort of Seongju Mountain is located at this place. Seongjusan Mountain has been famous with Oseosan Mountain for representing Boryeong. Seongju means, literally, 'Saints live here'. Good pine trees, zelcova trees, oriental oak trees, snowbells and queritrons grow in the Seongjusan Mountain, and they are so thickly wooded that it is very dark in the mountain even at daytime. These trees exhale a fragrance called phytoncide. Trees exhale phytoncide to protect themselves during their growth and phytoncide has elements of sterilization. Trees exhale phytoncide mainly from early summer to late autumn. It is believed that breathing and touching phytoncide is very good for human being's psychological and physical health

Boryeong has rich phytoncide and fresh air, which are the best conditions for Wood Resort, so it is generally recommendable for tourists visiting Boryeong to go to Wood Resort. Climbing 5 hundred meters from the Main entrance of Wood resort toward the top of the mountain, you can find the Wood Resort, and there is another Wood Resort at Simyeon-Dong valley. In addition, the water running down the valley is very clean, and the valley has been famous for the landscape. People called this valley as Hwajang-valley, that means " Valley of Great graves" because there are 8 propitious sites for graves around Seongjusan Mountain, and one of them is hidden in this valley. People often come here to find the hidden propitious site for a grave until now. For 4 kilometers, a thick grows trees and clean water valleys get joined together in good harmony and that is what we call "Natural Beauty" itself. When you climb from Seongju concourse of three streets to Simyeon-Dong, you can see a beautiful valley, Simyeon-Dong Valley. If you climb from Seongju Wood Resort to the top of the mountain, and down to the backside, then you can meet the Simyeon-Dong valley. "Simyeon-Dong" means, literally, a village with deep valleys, so people had called this village "Simyeon-Dong"

Boryeong city takes charge for the Seongju Wood Resort. Going into the valley from the ticket cage, you can meet a pool, which is mainly for children. However the water of the pool is from the valley, so it is very cool at summer. Everybody likes to play in the pool. Besides the pool, there are lots of facilities such as a forest path, a grassplot, a physical training plot and a camping ground in the valley to meet the visitors' needs. Recently, log cabins were built in the Wood Resort. The log cabins have perfect heating system, so they are great for any seasons. Usually people like to stay in the log cabins family by family.

As a pride of Seongju Wood Resort, the log cabins is in the spotlight of visitors in summer, autumn, even winter. In all respects, summer is the peak season to visit Seongju Wood Resort. You can find moving library at this time of year. Visitors can borrow books and enjoy reading them at anywhere they want. When they read books dipping their feet in water, visitors have special experiences. When you pass through the water-dabbling spot, the physical training spot and the forest path, you will arrive at an observatory. It approximately takes an hour to go to the observatory. When you are in the observatory, you can see the spacious fields at the glance. In this place, you can see the top of Seongjusan Mountain on the left and that of Mansusan Mountain , where Muryangsa is, on the right. You would rather climb to the observatory partly for enjoying the forest path and taking a walk, taking frequent breaks, than regard it as climbing itself.


  • Take a bus or taxi at Daecheon Station / Boryeong Bus Terminal and exit at Seongju(Meokbang). (Bus: 1-hour ride, taxi: 30-minute ride)