Nampo Inkstone

Nampo Inkstone [photo]

Inkstone that is one of the four precious things for study of scholars was as essential as computer nowadays. What was considered as the most precious thing among inkstones that were the necessities for scholars is the inkstone made in Nampo. As being written in Imwonkyungjeji by Seo Yu Gu, realist in Chosun dynasty, Sukranyeon,

Keumsamunyeon, Eunsamunyeon, Bakunjinsangsukyeon among Nampo stone that are produced in Seongjusan Mountain, Nampohyun are the most valuable things among inkstones. Hwachosuk of which the stone quality is the best among Unjinsangsukyeon has beautiful patterns in some parts of inkstone. The quality of stone from Nampo is excellent as you can make the most valuable inkstone if you trim even the natural stone a little

As modern society influences in our life, inkstone is not used much and 60% to 70% of inkstones that are produced in Korea is made in Boryeong. So Boryeong is the main area for Inkstone. The inkstone manufacturing in Nampo was designated as intangible cultural asset No. 6 in Chungcheongnamdo.