Sea Fishing


Sea Fishing

There are five outports, Daecheon Port, Ocheon, Muchangpo, Jukdo and Songdo, for sea fishing in Boryeongcity that is famous for boat fishing in West Coast.

Sea Fishing [photo]

There are five outports, Daecheon Port, Ocheon, Muchangpo, Jukdo and Songdo, for sea fishing in Boryeongcity that is famous for boat fishing in West Coast. In Daecheon Port, about 40 boats are ready for boat fishing.

Those boats go out to near Wonsando, Sapsido, Nokdo, Oeyeondo, etc. and mainly catch more than 40m long Armorclad Rockfish. Near Muchangpo and Jukdo, people catch Armorclad Rockfish and Spotty belly greenling near Sukdaeo where there are many rocks and the beginners can enjoy fishing because lots of fish are caught.

In Ocheon, you can easily enjoy the fishing in the near sea without going to the remote seas because there are a lot of fishing points around nearby Woldo, Janggodo, Hyojado and Wonsando. Songdo is so much famous for Silver Jewfish during summer that you can catch about 50 to 200 Silver Jewfish at least. Fishing on the sea rocks is available everywhere in Boryeongarea but among them, the best places are the sea area near Ocheon and Cheonbuk. Those are the largest spawning places of Black sea bream, which is caught a lot especially in Spring.

Kinds of Fish

  • In the sea in front of Ocheon : Armorclad rockfish, Spotty belly greenling, flatfish, Black porgy, Black sea bream, etc.
  • In the sea in front of Daecheon and Muchangpo : Half beak, Black sea bream, Yellow drum, etc.


The sea in front of Ocheon is connected to the south part of Anmyondo, Wonsando, etc and 78 islands and the area under the sea are very wide so that it becomes the good habitat for fish and shell. However, the sea is shallow so that the big Armorclad rockfish that finishes laying eggs goes back to the deep sea. Therefore, you can catch small fish about 20 cm long and the place can be said as the cradle for Armorclad rockfish before becoming an adult fish. Big adult fish gathers in Sapsido, Godaedo, Janggodo, Hodo, Nokdo and Oeyeondo so that anglers whose fishing skill is over intermediate level visit those places.

The sea in front of Muchangpo with that in front of Daecheon is known as the biggest habitat for Silver Jewfish during summer. You can do fishing on the breakwater at the port but people usually do the boat fishing. The best fishing points are Sukdaedo in 15 minutes distance by boat, Hwangjukdo and Jikundo 30 minutes distance, and Yong island in one and half hour's distance, etc. Especially Oeyeondo in one and forty minutes distance is the fishing point for all weather and the north part of Sukdaedo and the east part of Yong island are the fishing points for Silver Jewfish. Fishing boats are mainly about 30 small boats. On the other hand, in Daecheon beach, fishing of Silver Jewfish makes a boom in the sea near Dabodo in front of white sands during summer every year. 80,000 won to 100,000 won on the basis of four people in a boat (Rent for one day).

Information and Contact Number

  • Ocheon Fishing : (041)932-4050(Ocheon)
  • Dong-keun Oh : (041)932-4080 (Ocheon)
  • River and Sea Fishing : (041)932-1733(Ocheon)
  • Keumho Fishing : (041)933-7149 (Daecheon)
  • Ujung Fishing : (041)935-4001 (Daecheon)
  • Myung-gi Kim : (041)936-3447 (Muchangpo)
  • Young-ha Rah : (041)936-3494 (Muchangpo)
  • Jin-han Jung : (041)936-3491
  • Han-jae Kim : (041)936-1468 boat available for more than 10 people

Local Transportation

Route(Way to Ocheon)

Follow national road from Ocheon-Hongsung to Daecheon about 12 km, enter the paved road, continue to the south as passing through Gwangcheon and you will arrive at the small town called Jinjuk. From Jinjuk, turn right to the paved road and you can enter Ocheon.

Route (Way to Muchangpo)

Take direct bus from Daecheon to Seocheon, takes off at Ungcheon(When using a train, Ungcheon station on Janghang Line), take the slow bus to Muchangpo and take off at Muchangpo - Take local bus in Daecheon (Daecheon-Waljeon-Muchangpo/Daecheon-Ungcheon-Muchangpo)

Route(Way to Ocheon)

Take a bus to Ochecon from Daecheon station(local bus)-take a bus to Ocheon from Boryeong. When using a car, go from Hongsung to Gwangcheon, enter the admission road to Ocheon before escaping from Chungso-myon in Boryeongcity, keep going 8 km on that road and you can find Ocheon-myon.