Seongjusan Mountain Natural Forest



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This is located on the beautiful Charyeongsan Mountains. In particular, Hwajanggol Valley of Seongju-ri in Seongju-myeong is a dense forest (4 kilometers), so it is an optimal place for a green shower. The name “Hwajanggol” originated from the fact that there are 8 propitious sites in the vicinity of Seongjusan Mountain, and one of them is concealed in the Gwajanggol. [Hwajanggol Valley— one of the 11 cleanest water sites in Chuncheongnam-do (Province)]

In 1997, Chungcheongnam-do (Province) introduced 31 superb national landscapes with clean water including valleys, waterfalls, and streams from each city and county. Following this, Professor Yu Byeong-ro of Hanbat National University and his team investigated these sites, and announced the final 11 landscapes on April 25, 1999. Among them, Hwajanggol Valley was selected one of the 11 cleanest water places in Chungcheongnam-do. This proves that it is a clean area with a well-preserved natural environment. With paved roads and recreational facilities, Seongjusan Mountain Recreational Forest has been developed as a tourism attraction. Gugok Valley also has a dense forest with clean water, and shows the mystery of Mother Nature in the fall season with its beautiful autumn colors.