Fresh water fishing


Fresh water fishing

Chungcheon reservoir in Boryeongis very famous for a representative fishing place for a big fish.

Fresh water fishing [photo]

Chungcheon reservoir in Boryeongis very famous for a representative fishing place for a big fish. The reservoir area is 840,000 pyung and clean so you can catch a big fish. However, Sungyeonji, the semi-valley type reservoir, has especially lots of a semi-big fish and local Crusian carp during the spawning season in Spring. Small fish doesn't disturb you in both places, and whenever you catch, the size of fish is mainly more than 25 cm and you can catch Sweet fish a lot. The place that is suitable for people who want to enjoy the comfortable fishing is Janhyunji because geographical features of a mountain is splendid, the rive is deep, and it is very quiet. In addition, you can catch the middle sized fish over 6 inches in Nampoji is the fishing point where the upstream fresh water comes into so that even the beginners can easily enjoy the fishing.

Besides those places, Jinjukji that becomes a topic because fish 4 ja(Korean unit, 0.33m) is occasionally caught, Yongjeji that has the affluent marine resource because the settlings layer is built up at the bottom, etc. Then, it is not too much to say that all area of Boryeongis the fishing place.

Chungla(Chungcheon) Reservoir

  • Surface area: 840,000 pyung
  • Kinds of Fish : Crusian carp, carp, korean piscivorous chup, snake head, sweet fish, bullhead

Overall condition: Chungla reservoir that locates in Boryeongcity where is the largest beach in West coast is U-type reservoir that was built in September 1960 and the fishing is good from the early October as the fishing place for autumn. The left side(Jangsan-ri) of the bank is narrow and long so the waterweed is not good and the right side(Hyangcheon-ri) is wide and narrow so the waterweed is dispersed widely. So the left side is good for Summer and Winter fishing and the right side is good for the fishing on ice in Winter. Especially, the area in the left side(Jangsan-ri) is good point.

Kyungbu highway - Cheonan IC ->Onyang ->Hongsung->Daecheon-> No. 36 National road -> Turn right in the three-way junction in Chungcheon bridge-> Right side of the bank (Hyangcheon-ri)

  • Local bus terminal at Daecheon station -> Take the local bus to Chungyang (Right side of the reservoir)
  • Local bus terminal at Daecheon station -> Take the local bus to Okkye (Left side of the reservoir)

Jinjuk reservoir

  • Kinds of fish : Crusian carp
  • Fishing method : Waterweed fishing in Summer is most efficient.

Use the fishing pole f 2.5 section or 3.5 section, bind one fishing line of No. 3 or 4 in 1.5m to 1.8m, and put three or four thin fishworms on the single hook of No.2 snell. The possibility to catch a big fish increases.

Overall condition : You can catch Crusian carp of 25 cm to 30 cm in waterweed band from the right upstream that is famous for fishing point in all seasons to the bank and the shallow waterweed area in Songam-dong at the left side.

Keep going to Jupo and Daecheon via Hongsung and Gwangcheon, 1.5 km west as you go from Chungso to Ocheon.

Janghyunji Reservoir

Janghyunji is not well known because of the fame of Chunglaji, but it is not behind Chunglaji in a fish size and quantity of fish. In Janghyunji that is valley-type reservoir of 33,000 pyung, the geographical features of a mountain is magnificent, the water is deep and it is quiet so that it is the place to enjoy the cozy fishing. The main fish is Crucian carp of 7 chi (Korean inch, approximately 3.03cm) and you can meet a big fish during the breeding season in Spring or at night in Summer. Crusian carp in this place is strong to pull the fishing rod because of the clean water, and the float pulling is also strong. Carp is as big as more than 60 cm and the habitat is dense. Paste bait fishing is recommendable but a fishing using a fishworm or different baits in each rod is recommendable. According to local people, it is quite probable for the fishing with different baits to each rod to catch a big fis

To go to Janghyunji, turn left at the three-way junction in No. 36 national road to Chungyang. Enter Janghyun direction in the three-way junction in Okkye. Go 2 km along the rice field road, and follow the small road one km again. And you can arrive at the entrance of Myungdae valley. Take a bus to Chungla and Myungdae in Daecheon terminal.

Bus to Chungla and Myungdae 09:25 ~ 17:40, four times service, about 40 minutes distance.

Nampoji reservoir

Nampoji is the place where lots of fishing experts visit by Janghang train as the representative fishing place. A big fish appears long time ago, but now you can catch middle-sized fish over 6 chi. Pulling a float is good and the strength to pull the rod is strong. During the rainy season, the fishing point is made in the place where the fresh upstream water flows in, and if the water color becomes regular, the protruding part along the right side of the bank is recommendable. Follow No. 21 National road from Daecheon to Seocheon, and you can see Boryeongcity sports complex. From that point, follow the national road about 3 km and you can find Nampo-myun office. Turn right at the entrance of that office and go 1 km. And you can find Nampoji on your left.

Yongjeji reservoir

Yongjeji in Jusan where the history of land is more than half century old is the fishing place where the fishing expert from Janghang and Kunsan visit. The settlings layer is built up at the bottom so that water never dries and the resource of fishing is affluent. Crusian carp, carp and snake head, etc. live in Yongjeji and the best fishing point is edge of the field at the left side of the bank and the reed field at the uppermost stream.

Go to Ungcheon-eup from Boryeong city to Seocheon. You can find Jusan-myon office. Ask the local people at Jusan office.