Muchangpo Jukkumi and Dodari Festival


The Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Jukkumi and Dodari Festival is held from mid-March to early April when the mystic sea road opens. During the festival, visitors can encounter just-caught webfoot octopus and a variety of seafood.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of savory and tasty Jukkumi dishes throughout the festival and experience fun and exciting events and programs. They can also witness the so-called modern-day ‘Miracle of Moses (Parting of the Sea)’, which takes place from Muchangpo Beach to Seokdaedo Island (1.5km long).

About Jukkumi (Webfoot Octopus)

Containing unsaturated fatty acid and DHA, webfoot octopus is effective in dissolving gallstones, strengthening the liver’s detoxification functions, reducing cholesterol levels, normalizing blood pressure, preventing diabetes, and restoring eyesight. In addition, it is rich in taurine, which is good for reducing muscle fatigue.

  • When : Mid-March – Early April
  • Where : Muchangpo Port