Muchangpo Beach



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This is the beach that was firstly opened in West Coast in 1928, the white sands is 1.5 km long and 50 m wide, the depth of water is 1 ~ 2 m, the water temperature is 22 Celsius degree and the slope is 4 degree. The pinewood around the beach is exuberant so that you can enjoy the sea bathing and woods bathing at the same time.

The sea is divided and shows the bottom of the sea 1.5 km from the seashore to Sukdaedo four or five times before and after the middle of the month and the end of the month as every lunar month. It is very interesting to catch small octopus, sea cucumber, shell, etc. along the divided sea route. Muchangpo beach where the natural scenery of excellent pine tree along the sea enhances the artistic mood make the visitors from all over the country hurry up with the sea fishing around the beach and affluent underground water.

Moses' miracle phenomenon in Muchangpo is that the sea water is divided in the low tide so that the bottom of the sea is exposed. Because of this phenomenon, the sea route is shown from the front of Muchangpo beach to Sukdaedo, unmanned island in front of the beach as shown in the table to show the opening of the sea.

You can catch sea cucumber, shell, small octopus, etc. along the sea route 1.5 km long between Muchangpo beach and Sukdaedo that occurs because the sea is divided so that a lot of visitors come to this place.

Tour Info

Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Festival

In August, the so-called modern-day ‘Miracle of Moses (Parting of the Sea)’ happens at Muchangpo Beach.


  • 1 hour and 20-minute ride from Daecheon Station, 50-minute ride from Ungcheon Station, 1 hour and 30-minute ride from Boryeong Bus Terminal
  • Take a taxi at Daecheon Station or Boryeong Bus Terminal(30-minute ride) / Take a taxi at Ungcheon Station(20-minute ride)