Daecheon Beach



  • 1330 Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330
  • Tourism and Transportation Department in Boryeong City HallPerson in charge of Tourism Promotion : +82-41-930-3541~2
  • Daecheon Tourism Association(former Association for Daecheon Beach Prosperity) : +82-41-933-7051


Endlessly continued beach with white sands, blue sea, small and big islands dotted over the horizon, colorful swimsuits looks, pine forest enough to keep the sunshine off, sunset dropping a long way off over the horizon... Youthfulness, romance, comfort and natural beauty are harmonized in Daecheon Beach. Daecheon beach has all sorts of conditions, as the place to make the memory for the young people who love each other, as the resting place for the family and as the mecca for the marine sports.

Because of those reasons, the outsiders more than ten million a year never stop visiting Daecheon beach, and it is also occupy a position as the international tourism attraction as well as the best resting place in west coast.

First of all, the white sand is 3.5 km long and 100m wide as the big beach. The fantastic rocks and stones are well developed in the south of the white sands, and you can enjoy the congenial sea bathing because the water tem perature is also appropriate. The sands in Daecheon beach is made of shell powder that is unique in the East as the shell had been broken to pieces for long years and transformed into the sands.

Compared to the white sands of silica that sticks to the body, the shell powder is smooth and washable. How about the slope that cannot be dismissed as one of the conditions for the beach? There is a saying that you need to cross the sea in front of Daecheon after checking like the saying "look before you leap".

Like this, Daecheon beach is fluent and the bottom of the sea is regular, and the white sands boast the clarity that does not have foreign substances.
Daecheon beach is obviously the place to have the heaven's blessing for the sea bathing with family from a child to elder people because the wave is not so rough with the shallow depth of water.

Tour Info

Mud Festival

Good health and excitement… The pride of Daecheon Beach! The world’s finest Boryeong mud!

Ferry at Daecheon Port

Running between Daecheon Beach and Dabodo Island
Daecheon Beach → Dabodo Island (30-minute break) → Daecheon Beach ※Available in summer ONLY

Dabodo Island

A fantastic desert island with spectacular rock formations and a quartz beach, about 4km from Daecheon Beach


Enjoy the thrill and excitement of gliding down over the sea (613 meter long, 52 meter high). (For more information, +82-41-930-3003)

Boryeong Mud Skincare Center

A place where you can try a variety of mud-based skincare treatments throughout all seasons


  • By bus (at Daecheon Station / Boryeong Bus Terminal) : Leaves every 10 minutes, 30-minute ride
  • By taxi (at Daecheon Station / Boryeong Bus Terminal) : 20-minute ride